About Us

Youth Thalassemic Alliance (Y.T.A) was formed in the memory of Miss. Payal Wadhawa, our dear friend and sister of Miss. Sangeeta Wadhawa founder of Y.T.A, in February 2011.

Y.T.A was formed to bring a dream into the realty, which was seen by Payal long back. She always believed that everyone is equal and each one of us should get the equal opportunity to grow and prove their capability, face the world with up-coming challenges and also give back to the society as a responsible citizen.

We believe in Face, Fight & Finish Thalassemia.

Face: Face the disorder with confidence
Fight: As a strong fight “Fearless”
Finish: Finish thalassemia from this world bye, bye “No More Thalassemic birth”

Our Moto

  • To assist thalassaemic patients in securing medical treatment, including hospitalization and in securing transfusion of blood.
  • To monitor closely the medication, growth and thalassemia management for the patient registered under Y.T.A
  • To conduct blood donation camps in general and for thalassaemia patients in particular
  • To organize and assist in organizing screening and medical camps for thalassaemia patients.
  • To conduct on regular basis, or as may be found necessary, counseling or guiding centers or activities for thalassaemia patients.
  • To organize social events for thalassaemia patients.
  • To create awareness about thalassaemia in the society in general by organizing and conducting lectures, publishing pamphlets, books and literature and through electronic media.

Our Vision

  • To provide career and matrimonial guidance to thalassaemia patients.
  • To build and or run a hospital mainly dedicated to the treatment and research of issues relating to thalassaemia.
  • To organize or participate in fairs, exhibitions, conventions, sales of books, compact audio and video disks, and displays of literary works, both Indian and foreign, either for sale or otherwise, in India and outside India, for the creation and promotion of awareness of thalassaemia and its attendant hardships.
  • To establish a library or libraries of books, journals, magazines, cassettes, compact disks, video disks, documents in any audio visual media, for the creation and promotion of awareness of thalassaemia.
  • To undertake, organize, conduct and facilitate, for fee or otherwise, courses, conferences, lectures, seminars, programs, awareness camps, on various aspects of thalassaemia for public in general and for children and women in particular.
  • To conduct research studies on issues relevant or concerning the social and economic conditions of people with thalassaemia a view to enlighten the society about these and to prepare a compendium of such research works, papers.
  • To establish and give awards, prizes, scholarships, fellowships, grants, including travel grants to authors, scholars, writers, implementers, developers, domain experts, those conducting research or working for the betterment of thalassaemia patients, either as loan or otherwise.
  • To open, conduct, manage institutions, colleges for vocational education for the thalassaemia patients in particular and for the public in general.
  • To publish or get published and sell, distribute, donate books or subsidize donation of books to schools, colleges, educational institutions and public libraries on subjects relating to thalassaemia.
  • To collect information, statistics and submit project reports and functional report etc. relating to the objects of the TRUST.
  • To cooperate, collaborate with individuals and or educational, research and other institutions engaged in the promotion of the objects of the TRUST and with the state or Central Government, Semi Government bodies and authorities, local authorities, public undertakings, Public and Private enterprises in carrying out all or any of the OBJECTS of the TRUST.
  • To aid or assist in aiding those affected by natural calamities.