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Ms. Sangeeta Wadhwa

Ms-Sharda-BansodeI’m a 38 years old and I am living a very full though sometimes challenged life. I was diagnosed with Beta Thalassamia, There are siblings in my family and only 2 of us have the disease, myself and my youngest sister who is no more now she left me in her age of 27 have a elder brother who is non Thal or normal

I graduated from SNDT , Chembur , currently working in NGO , for cause of Thalassamia .
Sometimes limping with pain, but nothing will stop me from making memories I have learned to pace myself, know my limits and take care of any infections right away, to avoid major crisis, and I have learned to live with the pains and control them with medications, without abusing them for sure. I want to enjoy my life normally , face fight finesh thalassamia That is my #1 GOAL in this life I have called a journey. In this I have to travel a lot … my Thal friends They are my gifts and I cherish them each and every day. It’s hard, but it can be done!

Mr. Pankaj Sethi

Mr-Pankaj-SethiHi I am Pankaj Sethi, Age 29 yrs from Mumbai. I am Thalassemia major patient but for me Thalassemia is just “A” day in fortnight, while I have to go for my transfusion, like other where people have to take their day to day medicine for their illness of viral, hypertension or any other thing I take my Iron chelating and other medicine for diabetes as other take for them.
I believe in myself before believing in any other thing, my passion of life is travelling, & sharing experience of life with others. This gives me more positive energy towards life. I also believe in 2nd chance of life, everyone is equal, everyone has its own potential & caliber, and yes everyone deserves 2nd chance in life.
Quote for life is: “Believe in you, before believing in others or any other thing”
Happy to help others at any given point of time.

Ms. Saloni Jain

Ms-Saloni-JainI’m Ms. Saloni Jain and working as free lancer as property consultant. I came to know about Thalessemia at the age of 12 from one of my friend Payal Wadhwa . I want to work for Thalessemia and educate people about it. My life and my love Payal Wadhwa. Let’s work together to finish Thalessemia and make this world a better place to live in.

Mr. Niklesh Wadhwa

Mr-Niklesh-WadhwaHaving two Thalessemic siblings in the family, I have seen the personal and profession ordeals, the patient and parents have to go through, on a daily basis. At the same time, I have seen how many families struggle to deal with these changes. Unfortunately most these ordeals keep getting worse by the day and lead eventually to a painful end. Therefore I have always been supportive of activities which provide a platform to patients and parents to interact and share their experiences.  YTA is such a group. Unlike other groups, YTA is built by thalessmic patients who are inspired to educate and share their experiences with other patients and parents. In few of the programs I have attended, I observed that patients were very forthcoming to speak about their daily problems and were able to have solutions through the discussions with other patients. Therefore platforms like YTA are very critical to deal with a problem like thalessemia which has a lifetime existence and not many permanent solutions.

Dr. Nikhil Nashikar

Dr-Nikhil-NashikarMy name is Dr Nikhil S Nasikkar , I am practising Diabetologist and thyroid specialist since last 15 years in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
During my post graduation I came across thalassemics . I have seen their needs for leaving and day today activities. Also learned the realities of their personal, social and psychological life.
Then I met Mr Pankaj and his group, where my way of looking towards thalassemics took 180 degree turn.
I quickly understood the attitude and way of life a thalassemics should accept.
I as Doctor will support by all possible means to any thalassemics in terms of education, treatment and happy healthy social life.

Ms. Sharda Bansode

My name Sharda Bansode,Working in NMMC Gen.Goal.since 1997 as Staff Nurse.I was working in Thalassemia unit since opening June 2010 till 2015 March.I used mingle with Thalassemia kids during work & came to know them personally.So I realised their problems & needs in day today’s life As a Sister I will support them by all means. To help them out to be healthy & social in life.